Written by Sarah Provost
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In the same way that the size and quality of the little bottles of shampoo, lotion and conditioner reflect the level of distinction in a hotel, the toiletries in the bathrooms at your workplace reflect on the company's image. A clean, pleasant lavatory shows respect for your employees and affects morale. Also, remember that your clients and visitors will also be using your facilities.

Use the Highest Quality Toiletries You Can Afford

We've all been in workplace bathrooms where nasty-smelling blue liquid soap was pooled on the sinks from dribbling dispensers. Soap is the most crucial of your toiletries, and should be chosen carefully. Liquid soap is generally preferred over bar soaps for reasons of sanitation and usage control. (And don't even think about powdered soaps.) But there's a very wide range of quality in liquid soaps. Be sure to choose one that is either unscented or lightly and pleasantly scented. Harsh odors leave a very bad impression.

Hypoallergenic soap is a good choice, and in many worksites, antibacterial soap is a necessity. If employees must wash their hands frequently in your facility, it's a good idea to provide a moisturizing lotion as well. The same cautions about fragrance apply to lotions as to soaps.

You should also put some serious thought into the dispensers you will use for your toiletries. Pump-action counter-mounted dispensers keep surfaces cleaner than gravity dispensers, which tend to leak. Another option would be soap-infused towelettes, which removes the need for liquid soap altogether.

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