Adjustable Office Chairs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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If you're buying office chairs for an entire department or a whole company, adjustable chairs are definitely the way to go. An adjustable chair can accommodate someone who is seven feet tall as well as his five-foot colleague sitting in the next cubicle. The most advanced adjustable chairs give workers many more options than just how high they want their seats to be.

Adjustable Chairs Make Everyone Comfortable

Some chairs come with adjustable lumbar support, because people find comfort in different ways. People who have back problems usually like as much lumbar support as possible. Others consider it annoying to feel something pushing into their lower backs. The lumbar support on certain chairs can be adjusted by turning a knob, so it's very easy for people to experiment with different levels of lumbar support to achieve optimal comfort.

The arms on some chairs can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The vertical adjustment option is convenient because people should be able to type without straining to keep his or her arms elevated. The perfect level is different for everyone. The person's height, how high the seat of the chair is, and where the keyboard is located are all variables that influence optimal armrest height. When people type, their arms point inward. When using a mouse, their arms point outward. Armrests that can be adjusted horizontally give people support regardless of what they are doing.

Other adjustable options include tilt control, rocking tension, and even posture. The most elaborate adjustable chairs cost more money than basic office chairs. However, if you want to treat your employees to optimal comfort, they can all have the same adjustable chair and then adjust it to fit their bodies.

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