Custom Office Furniture

Written by Gregg Ruais
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My wife works for a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund, and her office building is nothing short of immaculate. The architecture, furniture, and decorating scheme is all completely customized and original, symbolizing the wealthy owner's desire to portray his business as the premier investment fund in the world. If that was the owner's goal, then there's only one thing to say: Mission Accomplished.

Customization for the Perfect Office

The lobby features a long reception station that has a maple base and a curved granite top. It's not something you'll find in any catalog. The owner hired a world-famous interior decorator who had everything customized. There are million-dollar paintings hanging from the walls, stainless steel spiral staircases, and plasma televisions in the cafeteria.

The conference room features a dozen of the most expensive Aeron chairs, all of which can be adjusted to fit someone's back perfectly. The work area consists of a long stretch of low-cut cubicles that are high enough to separate work areas but low enough to promote collaboration. The employees all recognize how lucky they are to work in such an elaborately designed place. Just from speaking with them about their jobs, I can tell they take pride in where they work.

Office design and layout is a business unto itself. There are people who specialize in promoting the right culture through furniture, lighting, color, and many other factors. If the perfect office furniture for your company has not yet been made, these professionals can tell you what to buy and who can make it. You can start shopping by browsing through online catalogs for examples and sending an email to an office designer specifying your goals.

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