Drawing Tables

Written by Rylee Newton
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Nothing is worse than spending money on a desk or drawing table, only to get it scuffed and marred due to careless mistakes. You can protect the life of these surfaces by investing in durable board covers. These covers are often made from plastic materials that make them easy to clean. In addition, these covers don't corrupt the writing surface or create irregularities in your tabletop.

If you use sharp instruments throughout the day, you need to invest in covers to protect the surface of your desk area. Rather than accepting scrapes and cuts as the side effects of your profession, you can protect your desk with a layer of protective sheeting. In most cases, you simply secure the board over the top of the original surface using double-sided tape or other adhesives.

Protecting Your Table Top
Drawing table covers are great for people who want to protect arts and crafts tables as well. If you have a craft table in your home, you know how hard it is to keep the tabletop from getting covered in paint, glue and other materials. You can use harsh cleaners on the surface of these boards without worrying about incurring permanent damage, discoloration, or warping of the surface.

If you're planning on selling your table in the future, you need to do everything you can to preserve its value today. Rather than waiting for those first scratches to appear, many people install these covers as soon as they get their drafting tables or art tables. When shopping for a protective cover for your drawing board, never settle for one that is less than one inch thick.

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