Haworth Office Furniture

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Haworth makes office furniture for all business purposes. Whether you need an expensive executive chair or a thousand desk chairs for a large company's employees, Haworth has a wide selection of seating available. Haworth makes not only standard office furniture, like desks and filing cabinets, but also specialty seating and customized work areas.

Haworth Offers Unique Office Solutions

A unique Haworth product line is its public and tandem chairs. You will often find this type of seating in doctor's offices, apartment building lobbies, and waiting areas. Tandem seating consists of several connected seats. Some pieces feature two seats with a connecting table in between. Others feature consecutive seating with armrests in between the seats. This type of seating is often preferable to benches, because it gives each person his or her own space. A bench, on the other hand, allows people to sit wherever they want. Some people take advantage of this by placing their coats adjacent to their seats.

Haworth also makes personal storage towers, which fit into office corners. Storage towers provide as many as four file drawers and a long compartment where a manager can store his or her coat. A storage tower is ideal for people who do not have their own offices, because it gives them organization and a place to lock their personal belongings.

These are only a few examples of Haworth's many office solutions. Whether you need an entire office system or just some small items to assist with daily work, there's a strong chance that Haworth has what you need. There are plenty of internet vendors that sell both used and new Haworth office furniture.

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