Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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When the designers at Herman Miller sat down to discuss how they would create the world's most comfortable task chair, they decided to forget about all the preconceived notions about what a chair should be and instead concentrated on what the perfect chair would do for people. During their initial brainstorming sessions, they decided their new chair should not only accommodate people of all sizes but truly conform to everyone's unique bodies. They also came up with several novel ideas on comfort.

Aeron Chair Provide Maximum Comfort

Have you ever sat in a chair all day and later discovered your entire back was drenched with sweat? This is common during the summertime or whenever the office thermostat is set too high. Cushioned leather chairs, while soft and comfortable, are the worst when it comes to absorbing and retaining body heat. The softest chairs act as thermoses by absorbing and retaining heat. This is why the designers at Herman Miller decided to manufacture mesh chairs that breathe.

The front edge of many office chairs is a common source of discomfort. When the seat is too short or has no slope, the person's legs are forced to hold their own weight. This causes pressure under the thighs and restricts blood flow. Everyone knows about the discomfort of having one of their legs falls asleep. The Aeron chairs are designed to make this happen less often.

Aeron chairs are expensive, but investing in one of these highly ergonomic chairs is an investment in comfort and improved posture. If you spend several hours sitting down each day, an Aeron might be worth the investment because of the stress it will take off your back. There are some very large companies that purchase Aeron chairs for their employees, because they want their workers to feel comfortable at work.

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