Knoll Office Furniture

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Knoll has been certified by six organizations to prove that its entire manufacturing process is environmentally sound. Companies that purchase Knoll office furniture can actually earn LEED points. LEED is one of the environmental groups that has certified Knoll.

Knoll Office Furniture Meets Environmental Standards

Knoll is also registered as an ISO 14000 company. ISO, which is a widely acknowledged and respected organization, stands for International Standard Organization. By becoming an ISO 14000 company, Knoll has proven to meet high environmental standards. This really makes Knoll stand out among its peers. Not all companies that specialize in making wood desks can say they protect the earth's natural resources.

Another one of Knoll's certifications is through GREENGUARD, an organization that ensures any products it certifies will not emit harmful gases into the air. GREENGUARD tests for formaldehyde and several other toxins. An office that has been furnished with GREENGUARD-certified products will pass any clean air tests, provided that harmful toxins are not brought into the workplace from other sources. Companies that fail clean air tests often have to shut down until they fix the problem.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Knoll office furniture is stylish and high quality. Knoll specializes in office seating, workstations, executive desks, and many other office products. As you can tell from its certifications, the other advantages of purchasing Knoll furniture include gaining favor with the environmental groups and peace of mind in knowing the office is safe.

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