Lateral Filing Cabinets

Written by Rylee Newton
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Lateral files are different than vertical files in their depth and size. In general, lateral files are wider than their vertical counterparts. If you're thinking about equipping your home office, you need to determine the amount of space you have available for a file cabinet. Many home offices are equipped with the vertical variety because they tend to take up less space.

Lateral files are often found in medical offices. These cabinets hold files that are organized from left to right rather than from front to back. You can either invest in a single filing unit, or you can invest in compartments. If you think you might need additional filing space, you might want to consider investing in a filing system that you can add onto over the years.

Keeping it Together

Lateral file cabinets often feature hanging folders for legal and letter sized files. Some filing cabinets feature areas for spiral binders. No matter what filing system you invest in, it's essential that you create a consistent system of organization. Once you develop a system, you need to teach it to anyone who may come into contact with your files. If you hire temporary employees be sure to give them a brief review of your filing system. If you don't provide proper training, you run the risk of losing vital information.

File cabinets have long been the preferred storage system of businesses large and small. If you need to keep track of important documents, file cabinets provide you with simple organizational tools to get the job done right. File cabinets help to decrease clutter around the office, and they also provide an extra level of security for important personal and professional documents.

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