Light Tables

Written by Rylee Newton
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When it comes to lightweight, portable illumination devices, you can't go wrong with light tables. These tables allow people in several different fields to view their work more closely to check for errors. In addition, these tables are used to help professionals look for nuances in their projects and designs. Draftsmen, engineers, designers, and animators and photographers often invest in these tables. You can invest in a permanent, standing table, or you can mount a light box on the wall. You can also find several different portable varieties of tables as well.

One of the primary uses for a light table is tracing. If you want to duplicate designs, or you need to make additional copies for review, you can place the original document on the lighted surface and trace it in no time at all. You can expect to achieve high rates of accuracy with the right light table.

The Essential Tool for Photographers and Animators

Light tables are often used in creative fields like animation and photography. Animators use lighted surfaces to create images. When you consider how many images must be produced to create the illusion of motion, it just makes sense to use all of the best tools available to make duplication easy. Many artists use these light tables in conjunction with computer assisted animation software.

Photographers have been using light tables for years now. They often place photo negatives on these boards to determine image quality. Rather than printing all of the photographs that they take, most photographers review the negatives and select the best ones for printing. In recent years, photographers have used lighted tables for experimental photography and design.

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