Office File Cabinets

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Office file cabinets can be purchased either individually or integrated with a desk. Many cubicles and stand-alone desks in office buildings have integrated file cabinets, because if a person does not have an office, he or she probably does not have the space for a separate file cabinet. Integrated file cabinet-desk workstations are available in numerous wood finishes, laminates, and metals. These desks usually come with vertical file cabinets to preserve leg space for the worker.

A Wide Selection of Office File Cabinets

File cabinet towers are appropriate for companies and departments that need to keep documents in a common area for universal access. They are often placed at the end of a row of cubicles or against walls where they will not interrupt office traffic. If a vertical file cabinet will jut out into the walkway, a company can purchase a lateral file cabinet for safety. Some file cabinet towers come with lockable drawers to protect sensitive documents.

There are also file cabinet towers with wheels for easy transport. Most offices do not use this type of file cabinet, but it could benefit them. Whenever the office needs to be rearranged, file cabinets are among the most difficult pieces of furniture to move. The weight of the wood or metal combined with all the paperwork inside makes a file cabinet extremely heavy.

The best online furniture stores offer hundreds of filing cabinets that differ in style and size. Just about all file cabinets serve the same purpose, which is storage and organization. You can order file cabinets based on how much paperwork floats around your office and the design that will match your existing office furniture.

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