Office Guest Chairs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The majority of executive chairs and task chairs have wheels for mobility. While people work, they often have to maneuver around to reach file cabinets, their computers, and multiple desks. Guests usually look straight ahead and are not responsible for working, so the chairs reserved for guests do not need wheels.

Selecting the Appropriate Office Guest Chairs

However, an executive who has a large office may give presentations in it. If the person is going to stand outside his desk area to give speeches, it would be considerate to provide guests with chairs that can at least swivel. Important clients should not have to get up and physically turn their chairs. If someone who has stationary chairs plans on giving a presentation, it's good etiquette to make the chairs face the right direction before starting the presentation.

If you've been put in charge of ordering office furniture for an entire company, keep in mind the corporate hierarchy. For the most part, mid-level managers usually only invite employees and outside vendors into their offices. It's usually not cost-effective to order expensive guest chairs for their offices.

As you work your way up the flow chart, consider purchasing higher-grade furniture. The guest chairs in a vice president's office should be fitting for someone of equal stature at an outside company. The most important thing to remember about office guest chairs is that they should be comfortable and appropriate for their purpose. Some chairs will be used as a place for informal meetings, while others will seat the businesspeople who make multi-million-dollar decisions that affect your company.

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