Reception Stations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A reception station is the first thing people see when they walk through the front door, so it's important to purchase something that makes an appropriate first impression. The furniture located in the main lobby should match the company image. A sales pitch to a potential customer starts when he or she walks through the door.

A Reception Station Makes the First Impression

A business that prides itself on delivering products on the cutting edge of technology might opt for a reception station with a sleek stainless steel surface. With the addition of electronics-related props and modern furniture, the lobby will remind guests that a team of innovative experts is behind everything that goes on in the building. Such an entrance also creates the right atmosphere for employees.

A publishing company that specializes in children's books would have a completely different decorating scheme. The reception station might consist of the three primary colors, the way a child might color the room if it were in a coloring book. If the employees are supposed think about kids for the next eight hours, why not make the lobby reminiscent of a kindergarten classroom?

If you work for a financial services firm, choose a reception station that projects an image of wealth and professionalism. A station made of polished, expensive wood makes an excellent choice. Adorn the lobby with leather chairs, and set up a magazine rack featuring Forbes,Fortune, and other economic publications. As you can see, a reception station that is perfect for one company would look completely out of place at another business.

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