Recliner Chairs

Written by Dina Kayed
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In the old days, recliner chairs were the domain of the very rich, or the very ill. They were used as a resting chair for those who were not well enough to sit up unaided in an ordinary chair. They were also used for women who had just given birth or for very old people. In other words, recliner chairs were either an absolute necessity, or simply a luxury not many could afford.

Adjustable Comfort

In the 19th century, recliner chairs were no longer merely for those with medical conditions. As production technology improved and prices came down, more people started using them. In the 20th century, recliners finally became affordable to the middle class. Recliner chairs, over time, have become a common fixture in every living room, and are closely associated with watching football and other favorite television programs.

A recliner chair probably provides the maximum comfort possible from any chair. There are many specialized designs, including high leg recliners and low leg recliners. Most high leg recliners have wooden legs. A low leg recliner is basically on the floor, so you can't really see its legs. Rocker recliners are so popular today that most people make sure their recliner is a rocker before they buy it.

Many offices today include a leather recliner. A soft, comfortable spot in which to relax and retreat from a busy executive's day can be a wonderful interlude. Such amenities can actually make high-powered executives more productive. Recliners are available in many colors and styles to suit any taste or budget nowadays. Picking a quality item will add to your enjoyment and comfort, and ensure that your recliner lasts for many years.

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