Sell Office Furniture

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A person who has a home office can make a few hundred dollars selling office furniture to companies that refurbish desks, filing cabinets, and chairs for resale. The money can be used towards new furniture for the new office, or saved for a rainy day. A company that has either gone out of business or plans on renovating can receive thousands of dollars by reselling their old supplies instead of throwing them away.

Sell Office Furniture for Profit

Cubicle walls, chairs, and desks are just a few of the items that have significant resale value. There are plenty of online auction sites where you can sell just about anything, but there's a strong chance you'll get the most money from companies that specialize in restoring used furniture. Most of these businesses post customer-service email addresses all over their websites. All you have to do is send a message, and someone will either respond to the email or contact you by phone.

There are plenty of businesspeople out there who would love to save money by purchasing used furniture, and select office furniture companies make considerable profit. The buying and reselling process benefits everyone involved. The sellers receive money back from their initial furniture investments, and the companies that buy used furniture save money.

The process of restoring used office furniture is environmentally friendly. It prevents unnecessary trash from making its way to public landfills and preserves raw materials. As you can see, there's very little anyone has to lose by selling, rather than discarding, their old office furniture.

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