Stackable Chairs

Written by Dina Kayed
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It's difficult to make sure you always have enough seating for any occasion. Most offices have modest seating requirements, but then every so often they'll be inundated with a whole crowd. Being prepared can take a little ingenuity. Stackable chairs can be a great solution, providing as many seats as necessary, though not taking up room while not in use.

Style and Function

Stackable chairs are perfect for offices where there's not a lot of floor space. Stackable chairs are available in many colors and styles, so they can blend with any office furniture. You can be well prepared as well as stylish.

The most simple and basic stackable chairs are made from plastic and metal. They are most often used when style is not a major issue, in places such as schools and for outdoor functions. To keep your chairs in good condition for as long as possible, try to buy those that have an integral separator, so they don't damage each other when stacked.

There are stackable chairs available that have substantial back support. You can use them in conference rooms and be confident that all guests and employees will be comfortable. You can also buy them with padding for maximum comfort. From the perspective of saving space, the more chairs you can stack on top of each other, the better; it's possible to find stackable chairs that don't have a limit to how high you can stack them.

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