Steelcase Furniture

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Steelcase prides itself on designing office furniture that adds efficiency, comfort, and beauty to the office. Efficiency is gained through Steelcase office suites and desks, which provide ample cabinet and filing space in the work area. Steelcase workstations are a combination of traditional materials and modern design.

Steelcase Furniture and Seating

The most extravagant office desks and workstations have always been made with wood. Steelcase wood desks are remarkably sleek and modern. To make its executive desks, Steelcase uses expensive woods, such as walnut, oak, and cherry. Most companies will only purchase Steelcase suites for their senior management. Some people buy these workstations for their home offices.

Steelcase also makes chairs for all office areas, including the lobby, conference room, break room, and the work area. You can choose from a wide selection of task chairs, which feature wheels and adjustability. For optimal comfort, cushioned executive chairs are a great option. Waiting room chairs differ from work chairs in that they do not have wheels. Since clients and other outside visitors will be sitting in the lobby, it's a good idea to offer comfortable seating in the waiting area.

Conference room chairs usually feature high backs to ensure people remain comfortable during long meetings. Many companies purchase several executive chairs for the main conference room. Steelcase also offers stackable chairs, which are perfect for large meetings, and lounge chairs, which can be placed in an executive's office or the lobby.

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