Used Aeron Chairs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The Aeron chair, manufactured by Herman Miller, is widely acknowledged as the most ergonomic and comfortable office chair on the market. Herman Miller has recently upgraded the original Lumbar chair to the PostureFit model. Anyone who owns the Lumbar version can enjoy the benefits of the PostureFit by purchasing an adaptable piece. Both versions of the Aeron chair are very expensive, but used Aeron chairs offer the same support and cost much less money.

Used Aeron Chairs Fit Your Back

Aeron chairs provide good posture not only to the lumbar region, which just about all ergonomic task chairs support, but also the spine, another important but often overlooked area. Aeron chairs support the spine by making sure the pelvic bones are tilted forward. When the pelvic bones tilt backwards, the spine slumps, which is poor posture.

Most chairs actually make people slump, but the PostureFit chair provides back support even below the waistline. No matter what shape your body is or how you sit in the chair, the back of the PostureFit adjusts to ensure your lower back has the support it needs. Both the PostureFit chair and the Lumber chair come with a number of knobs for making manual adjustments. People can easily customize their chairs to their own liking.

If you purchase an Aeron chair brand new, it will probably cost more than $800. Finding a used chair can help someone on a budget obtain the most comfortable chair at a discounted price. Some online office furniture stores provide phone numbers and email addresses on their websites, so people at home can contact them at any time to inquire about a used Aeron chair.

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