Used Lateral File Cabinets

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Several books have been written on how people can better organize their lives. The prevailing philosophy is that people should organize from the inside out. This means grouping the smallest items together in a way that makes sense, and then putting those groups into larger categories. A lateral file cabinet can play a key role in home or office organization.

Used Lateral Files for Organization

Lateral files occupy a lot of horizontal space, so you cannot just place all your papers into a drawer. This would cause you to lose everything. Sure, you would know that all of your essential documents are located in the file, but finding something would require rummaging through all of the other paperwork to find what you need.

In order to make a lateral file cabinet work, you need hanging folders and regular manila folders. The hanging folders can organize paperwork by category, and the manila folders organize each category by sub-category. Both should have tabs. An example of a category might be Bills, so you would write, "BILLS," on the hanging folder tab. Place manila folders within the hanging folders to organize the bills. One manila folder would be designated for phone bills, another for cable, and another for utilities.

There is more than one way to organize. It's important, however, to make any filing system logical and easy to remember. Make sure to alphabetize and ascribe simple names to the categories. Once a filing system is in place, organization becomes easy.

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