Wood Conference Tables

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Conference tables are made from just about every type of wood, and there is really no limit on how long, short, or wide a conference table can be. Because different woods are more expensive than others, and because meeting tables range from six to 30 feet long, wood conference tables can be either very affordable or extremely pricey. The table that is appropriate for a specific room depends on how the conference room will be used.

Conference Tables for Every Business

Large companies that have several conference rooms often have only one or two meeting places where no expense is spared. This is where the top executives hold exclusive meetings among company directors, potential clients, and current customers. Formal conference rooms often feature mahogany or cherry wood tables and leather seating. The atmosphere should be professional and appropriate for the particular business.

Other meeting rooms are reserved for employee-only meetings, where mid-level managers and supervisors hold regular staff meetings. Although many businesses try their best to make the corporate caste system invisible, common sense dictates that a company does not need expensive furniture in every room. The informal meeting rooms often feature laminate-top conference tables.

Businesses that require several conference rooms should purchase tables of varying size. Many meetings involve only a few participants, and it's wasteful to invite four people to sit down at a 30-foot conference table. Regardless of your budget or how large or small your company is, there are plenty of online stores that offer conference tables appropriate for your needs.

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