Wood Office Chairs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Office chairs made entirely of wood tend to be quite uncomfortable, so if you need wood to match other furniture in the office, you can choose from a wide selection of cushioned chairs that feature wood armrests and legs. Wood adds earthiness to a decorating scheme. The different types of wood have varying color values and visual temperatures.

Buying Wood Office Chairs

Red is the warmest hue on the color wheel, so cherry wood furniture adds warmth to an office. Feng Shui decorators would say that a touch of red will encourage interaction among employees. Cherry wood is considered masculine. A maroon leather office chair with gold studs and cherry wood arms and legs portrays a regal, powerful appearance that's perfect for an executive.

Many manufacturers use maple to construct office furniture. Maple is one of the lightest woods, and it has a slightly warm temperature. Light colors such as maple make rooms appear more spacious. Maple provides a sharp contrast with black leather cushioning and black computer hardware. If you want a very bright office, purchase a maple chair with light colored padding and metallic hardware.

Online furniture stores provide high-definition images of wood office chairs, so you don't have to leave the office to choose the right furniture. There are many types of wood from which you can choose. As long as you keep in mind who the chairs are for and the desired work environment, choosing an appropriate chair for the office is easy.

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