4 Over Printing

Written by Tara Peris
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4 Over printing is a term used in the publishing industry to refer to different printing strategies. Most often, the term is used in reference to brochures where different combinations of black and white and color will be used. Thus, customers have the option of specifying which portions of their booklets will be limited to black and white and which will get the full color treatment, and can exercise greater control over publication costs.

Most companies devote their efforts to designing a brochure by focusing on the content of the material inside. Emphasis is placed on conveying a central message effectively and substantial editorial work may be involved in developing appropriate text and graphics. However, this is only the beginning of the process.

4 Over Printing Helps Manage Costs
Once the basic design and layout have been established, publishing really begins. This involves decisions about size, paper quality, and various color options. In an effort to allow for maximal flexibility 4 over printing lets clients determine which portions of their catalogs should be black and white and which should be in color.

For example, 4 over 1 refers to a document in which color is on the front but not on the back, whereas 4 over 4 is used to describe documents that have color throughout. The ability to make these kinds of specifications means that companies can exercise greater control over publication expenses. This in turn makes it easy for almost any company to consider the use of brochures and catalogs as a means of enhancing business.

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