Address Label Printing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Address label printing will help to make your packages look more professional when you send them by mail. When you write out address labels by hand, a postal worker may have a difficult time reading your writing and the package could be sent to the wrong location. Printed labels are easier to read, so there will be much less of a chance that a mistake is made on where your package is sent.

Address label printing can also be used for return addresses. When sending bills or letters, it can be very tiring and time consuming to write out the return address on every letter. You can have a roll of labels printed with your name and address on them. Then when you are addressing labels, you will simply place one of your address labels in the return address corner area.

Types of Address Label Printing

There are two main formats to choose from for address label printing. You can choose to have address labels printed onto a roll, or onto a flat sheet of labels. Both methods are sufficient. You may want to purchase a roll of address labels if you are ordering a large amount of the same type of label. Many people will purchase rolls of address labels with their name and address information on each label.

Full sheets of address labels are great when you are creating labels for various addresses. You can print a different address onto each label, if you desire. Printing companies will layout the addresses on the computer and print them directly onto the sheet of blank address labels. You can travel personally to a printing service, or even order your own address labels online.

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