Advertising Outdoor Signs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Recently, a new format of ad has been added to the canon of advertising outdoor signs. Called vehicle wrapping, this new format combines the many of the strengths of billboards with the versatility and personal character of other forms of advertising. Wraps can be applied to any vehicle, public or private, allowing advertisers and graphics houses a large degree of freedom not previously associated with vehicle-borne advertising.

Vehicle Based Advertising Outdoor Signs

Vehicle wraps are basically large format printed images that are designed to cover, or wrap, a vehicle. They are usually printed on vinyl, which has been commonplace in the world of advertising outdoor signs for many years. The individual pieces are cut from the sheets of vinyl and painstakingly applied to the surface of the vehicle, where they fit together to form a clear, cohesive image that is indistinguishable from the surface of the vehicle.

Like billboards, vehicle wraps utilize crisp text and eye-catching graphics. But unlike their stationary counterparts, wrapped vehicles on the road stand out against the backdrop of factory-painted automobiles and trucks. In many campaigns, advertisers will use specific routes and travel times for the wrapped vehicles, aiming to hit as much of the target demographic as possible, or they may incorporate GPS technology to more accurately gauge the performance of the ad.

Vehicle wraps bring to the family of high-profile advertising outdoor signs the ability to be used in other promotions, such as sampling or coupon promotions. Suddenly, the mobile billboard becomes a mobile storefront, allowing company representatives to hit the hot spots around town and interface with their customer base. The vehicle wrap helps attract the attention of many other potential customers, both at those hotspots and in-between.

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