Auto Wraps

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Over the last few years, auto wraps have emerged to become one of the predominant forms of outdoor advertising in the United States. Since the emergence of the technology a few years ago, it has grown to become integral in the ad campaigns of both small business and national corporations. They also open the door to other forms of direct advertising, such as coupon promotions.

The Advantages of Auto Wraps

They have many advantages over traditional outdoor advertising, such as billboards, as well as having advantages over traditional auto graphics technology such as vinyl stickers and small graphics. Auto wraps allow advertisers to reach thousands of people a day, with large, easy to read custom graphics and catchy images. According to a study by the Transportation Advertising Council, auto wraps can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions a day.

Auto wraps also put the images directly in front of the consumers. According to an Arbitron, Inc. study, 90-some percent of Americans are either drivers or passengers every day. The vehicles can be targeted to specific locations with peak traffic of the target demographic--for example, the wrapped vehicles can be driven to retail locations that serve the target demographic and can be integrated into larger promotions, such as sampling or other promotions.

The need for traditional vehicle graphics hasn't been fully eliminated; they still fulfill certain market needs. For example, some small business may consider auto wraps slightly cost-prohibitive. Also, small vinyl sticker graphics are easier to mass-produce and mass-install, making them a popular choice among businesses who are looking to outfit a highly varied fleet of vehicles.

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