Banner Screen Printing

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Banner screen printing is a popular printing method among advertisers and event promoters for producing large-scale graphic displays and installations. Banners are an eye-catching way to clearly announce product rollouts, special events, or promotions. They can be installed in a variety of ways, including as wall graphics, free-hanging installations, or as backdrops.

Those looking to produce large, colorful graphics have two main choices in materials and process. Firstly, vinyl banners are extremely durable, and most will last years if well cared for. They are often printed on thick, one color vinyl, and though many shops offered only one-color printing in the past, and increasing number are offering photographic printing, even on large-scale banners.

PVC mesh is another high-quality option. The mesh is perforated to allow wind to pass through, making it ideal for outdoor applications such as scaffolding screening and building-side advertisements. The mesh is also flame retardant, which lends to its popularity as a theater backdrop material.

Banner Screen Printing Options

Banner screen printing can produce graphics in strips as wide as 3.2 meters, which can be stacked to produce almost any size of graphic. The graphics can also be printed on thinner vinyl, which is ideal for interior applications such as wall murals or ceiling graphics. Banner screen printing technology is very similar to vehicle wrapping technology, which also requires large-format graphics printed on thin sheets of vinyl.

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