Blank Label

Written by Amy Hall
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A blank label is perfect for any type of mail you have to send out, whether it be a letter, an invoice, or a large package. Some people prefer to use blank, white labels that they can individually print or write an address on. If you send out mail to an ever-changing population of people, then a label that is blank would be perfect, as you can insert the address when you need it.

Some companies use a blank label for the outgoing address, but have printed return address labels on hand to use on each mailing. This eliminates having to write out by hand the return address on each package, and it also eliminates any confusion over handwriting. In addition, using mailing labels with the return address saves time, as the person sending the package does not have to write out by hand the address.

The Important Blank Label

You can also buy sheets of blank labels that can be run through your printer, which also saves time. Many office managers do this on a daily basis, as it is much quicker than writing out addresses by hand. As you can see, there are many ways to expediting the mailing process when you use printable labels.

To find out more about custom labels, please click on the link on this page. It will take you directly to our recommended site on labels for all of your personal and business needs. Please feel free to continue browsing through this guide, as it discusses the different types of labels used today for mailings of all sorts.

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