Boat Lettering

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Like many contemporary custom vehicle graphics, simple boat lettering can generally be installed without the help of a professional. This wasn't always the case; older types of vinyl and adhesives were extremely difficult to work with, and installation often required the help of vinyl professionals. They often used harsh chemical compounds that were potentially hazardous and required torches or heat guns to affix the adhesive.

New adhesives and improved installation techniques make vinyl much easier to work with. Pressure-sensitive adhesive allows installation technicians to adjust the placement of graphics before finalizing them with even, firm pressure. Self-adhesive vinyl acts like stickers, allowing almost anyone clean vinyl installation without the hassle of previous forms of vinyl.

Applying Boat Lettering

Applying boat lettering with self-adhesive vinyl requires few tools besides the vinyl and the boat. After placing the vinyl letters and transfer paper level on the surface of the boat, create a hinge with a strip of masking tape along the top of the transfer paper. After spraying the surface of the boat with soapy water (to reduce the tackiness of the vinyl), peel the backing paper away, leaving only the transfer paper and the letters.

Slowly use a squeegee to press the letters onto the boat's surface, starting from the top and working down. After the graphic is affixed, use the squeegee to push the water out from under the decal. After peeling off the transfer paper, only the vinyl boat lettering will remain.

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