Booklet Creation

Written by Laurie Nichol
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You have a few design options when it comes to booklet creation. For a short run book printing, quality materials often speak for themselves. For traditional booklets, heavy paper and quality printing ensure that they make a strong impression.

In booklet creation, it's all about the presentation. Do you want your booklets to remain on people's shelves far into the future? In that case, you should create pieces that command long-term respect.

By selecting glossy or matte paper or card stock for the covers, you're saying that you took time with the design. And by doing this, you're sending the subtle message that the book or booklet is worth reading. Nobody wants to read sloppily presented material, no matter how arresting the content!

The Booklet Creation Process

The first thing that you'll specify from a commercial printing shop is the overall size of your booklet. Then, it's time to choose cover and interior paper types, fonts, full color digital printing options, and more. When the final product is out, it should be something that you're truly proud of.

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