Brochure Paper

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many different methods to consider when printing brochures. First of all, you must decide whether to create brochures on your own or to visit a professional printing service. If you are printing mass quantities of brochures, you should probably choose to use a printing service. These services will save you time and they will guide you through the process of designing your brochures and choosing the right fonts, colors, pictures, sizes, and types of brochure paper.

Brochures are usually created to advertise businesses and to give information to clients or potential customers. Your design choices should reflect the nature of the information presented. Colors and pictures are very important in the design process. For instance, if you are selling bottled water, it is a logical choice to use shades of blue in the design and perhaps pictures of water as well. The type of brochure paper that you choose will also make a difference.

Brochure Paper Choices

There are many different types of brochure paper to choose from for brochure printing. Each type of paper varies in quality, thickness, texture, appearance, and price. A glossy style of paper is often a good choice for brochure printing. Glossy paper is generally more expensive than matte papers, but it is much more durable and it provides a more professional look for brochures.

After you have chosen the type of paper that you want for your brochure, you can choose an appropriate size of paper. There are three sizes of brochures that are most commonly printed. Most printing services will let you choose from 8.5x11, 8.5x14, or an 11x7 sized brochure. You can also choose to customize a smaller or larger size of brochure for any business.

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