Bumper Stickers

Written by Tara Peris
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Bumper stickers are as all-American as apple pie and remain a vibrant reflection of individuality and creativity. Although most often associated with political campaigns, they are now used as humor pieces or to show support for an array of different causes. Better still, today's stickers can be easily removed so that commitment-phobes can make a statement with the confidence that it can be retracted with relatively little effort. Thus, the stickers retain their quality of whimsy and fun while simultaneously being bold and assertive.

No one knows for sure when bumper stickers first emerged, but it appears they have been around for nearly a century. Collectors of political Americana can find you bumper stickers from just about every major campaign of the twentieth century, and the slogans range from charming and nostalgic to downright scary. These days, it is clear that our affection for stating our views, especially those in the political arena, has waned very little.

Political Bumper Stickers
A quick drive around town reveals countless bumper stickers about political candidates, some humorous, some subdued, and some angry. It is evident from even this quick sampling, that these stickers are an easy, yet restrained way for citizens to express their views in a confident, assertive manner. Further, with the election nearing, many people feel that now is the time to take a stand.

However, what happens when it is all over? Most people take comfort in the fact that modern bumper stickers can be removed easily with little damage to the car. Many online ordering options attempt to emphasize these features, as they allow people to think of their bumper stickers as a low stress commitment. Look into an online printing company and see if they can customize a bumper sticker that's right for you.

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