Bus Graphics

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Bus graphics have a long history of being considered a part of urban marketing. City busses crisscross a metro area, picking up hundreds, if not thousands, of passengers a day. Even more than riders, pedestrians and other citizens see the busses, meaning that the amount of people subject to the messages on bus advertisements is staggering.

Recently, technological advances in large format printing and graphic applications have given birth to a new type of bus graphics advertising called vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wraps are images printed on large sheets of vinyl that are then cut out and pieced together like a seamless puzzle over the surface of a vehicle. Most vehicle wraps cover a good portion of the vehicle's surface area, and many cover at least half.

Advertising with Bus Graphics and Wraps

Because of their size, shape, routes, and ridership, busses make natural candidates for vehicle wrapping. Bus graphics that are designed for wraps often incorporate bold colors and text, making the bus truly unique, even among busses of its own fleet. Most city busses that are wrapped cover areas of the downtown, insuring that the maximum number of consumers have a chance to see the wrapped bus.

The vinyl that is used for wraps is extremely durable--in some climates, it can last as much as 3 years or so. With most city busses, though, the advertiser's lease will last nowhere near that long. This means that there is little danger of the ad deteriorating or fading over the course of the rent.

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