Bus Wraps

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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A relatively new trend in metro area advertising is bus wraps. Bus wraps combine many of the strengths of billboards with the extreme visibility of city busses. Moreover, they expose commuters who don't use cars--who may not normally be exposed to billboards--to advertisements.

The technology of bus wraps is very similar to that of billboards, outdoor murals, or other high-profile large-format graphic displays. The images are designed on a computer to a template of the bus, and then printed on wide sheets of thin, elastic vinyl that can be applied to the surface of the bus. In many cases, a special kind of vinyl is used for the windows of the bus, allowing them to be used in the ad but not eliminating the visibility for passengers.

Promotions with Bus Wraps

Most vehicle wraps can potentially last a number of years, depending on the climate. However, advertisers' contracts with the bus system rarely last that long. In fact, since the novelty and eye-catching qualities are important parts of the ad, most advertisers prefer shorter contracts that coincide with special promotions, product releases, or seasonal offerings.

Busses are not the only kinds of vehicles that can be wrapped. Another choice that is popular with advertisers is small, zippy, hip cars such as the Volkswagen Beetle--cars that attract attention even without the wrap. Corporate-use vehicles such as delivery vans are also popular wrapped vehicles.

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