Business Card

Written by Scott Martin
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How many business cards have you collected in your wallet? Every now and then, I sift through the pockets of my wallet, and review the business cards I've been handed. More often than not, I remember little about the person who handed it to me. Sadly, more often than not, all the cards also look pretty much the same--and end up pretty much in the same place: the trash can.

However, occasionally I receive a business card that really wows me. Sometimes I'll notice the fine artwork or aesthetic design on the business card itself. If I'm looking for a high-tech company, or a particular design service, I'll tend to hang onto those business cards that seem to represent visually the type of company I'm seeking.

Rules of Designing the Business Card

If possible, try not to mix fonts when you design your business card. This essentially gives a busy and confusing look to the card. Remember, you're dealing in a small space, and you don't want the card to look crowded. It should be easy on the eyes.

Furthermore, try to limit your text sizes to two or three sizes maximum. This means that if you are creating a business card with a 10 pt font and a 12 pt font, you probably don't want to add two additional font sizes. By keeping some consistency in the text of your card, you have more room for creativity in the overall artwork and design.

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