Business Card Design

Written by Jill Morrison
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Business card design can make a big difference in the level of effectiveness for a business. The design of your business card should reflect the nature of your company and sometimes it may reflect your personality as well. If you are representing a company, your business card may need to be simpler, but you will have more design options if you work independently.

Choices in Business Card Design

A good business card design is eye-catching, yet not overpowering in design. The print should be large enough to read easily and the font style should be considered as well. The style of font you use will depend on the information you are presenting and the company you are representing. In general, a simple, straight-forward font is appreciated.

Before creating a business card design, you should decide on the information that will be printed on the card. Usually, the name, company name, and contact information are printed on business cards. Yet, you can also add information or graphics such as the company logo or a website address. After you have chosen the information, you can begin organizing it into a specific design.

The design of your business card can be created on your own if you desire. You can also choose to use a standard format for your business card. You can choose to print you design on standard paper, or deluxe types of paper. Your card can also be laminated or covered with a glossy coat for added vibrancy and protection. You must decide whether or not colors would help or distract from the design of your business card as well.

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