Business Card Printing

Written by Amy Hall
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Business card printing is similar to postcard printing, in that the paper typically used is a sturdy 12 pt. Cover card stock, which is perfect for business cards, rack cards, and door hangers. It is vital to the final outcome of your cards that you choose a paper that is of high quality, otherwise the result will be a flimsy card that tears easily and looks cheap. The key to smart advertising is to not spend a lot of money on cards, but give the impression that you spent a fortune.

In addition to using sturdy paper, it is wise to choose a full color business card printing service that can produce business cards that look spectacular. A six-color Komori printer is one of the very best printers on the market, and it can turn out color graphics and text better than most standard printers. In fact, you will be amazed at just how vibrant your graphics turn out, and your clients will likely be impressed as well.

Most business card printing services will recommend that you choose the aqueous gloss finish for your cards. This finish seals in the ink, and makes the paper even more sturdy, which ensures that the cards won't rip or tear easily. You can actually get excited about your business cards, because they will look extremely professional and very pricey. Only you will know that they weren't.

Professional Business Card Printing

Don't be fooled into thinking that professional full-color business card printing is out of your reach economically. The truth is, you can order some high quality business cards with outstanding color graphics that will truly impress your clients. To learn more about printing services, simply visit the Web for some fresh ideas.

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