Business Postcards

Written by Jill Morrison
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Business postcards can be used to promote a business and its products or services. With targeted mailing techniques, sending postcards can be a great advertising tool for many companies. Sometimes companies will design postcards that can be used as coupons. Then, customers can use their postcards to receive discounts on purchases.

Designing Business Postcards

There are many choices to make when you are creating business postcards. First, you should consider your target audience. You should try to design postcards that would appeal to this audience. You can use pictures, graphics, colors, and text to attract the attention of your future postcard recipients.

Business postcards are usually 4x6 or 5x7 inches in size. You can also choose to make your postcard larger or smaller in size if you desire. You can also choose from any type of card stock for a business postcard. The most professional-looking card stock is the "120" glossy cover stock. You may also want to coat your postcards with aqueous coating, which makes postcards more durable and scuff resistant.

After you have chosen the size and type of card to use, you must decide on an appropriate design. Some businesses will simply print the company logo on the front of their postcards. Sometimes it is more effective to show a photograph of people using the company products or services. For instance, if you see a person who is enjoying a massage on a postcard, you may be more likely to want a massage yourself.

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