Car Advertising Wraps

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Car advertising wraps are quickly becoming one of the most in-demand forms of outdoor advertising in the U.S. Until recently, the most sophisticated forms of vehicle-based advertising were either vinyl stickers or billboard-style graphics on the sides of box trucks. A few years ago, however, some shops began introducing printed vinyl wrapping, turning entire vehicles--any vehicles--into lucrative forms of advertising.

Car advertising wraps are printed on thin, slightly elastic vinyl and then stretched over the car. Unlike vinyl stickers, they require professional installation and, often, professional removal. Because car advertising wraps must be designed to fit the car, they also require custom graphic design from the ground up.

The Effectiveness of Car Advertising Wraps

Because they are custom designed and installed, they are sometimes considered expensive, but many advertising studies have shown that they are worth the cost. An Arbitron, Inc. study showed that over 95% of Americans travel in a car each week, which, in advertising terms, translates into a large and exceptional target. Moreover, consumers that repeatedly view a brand message also have higher brand recall and awareness, making car wrapping a potentially highly profitable method of reaching those consumers.

While vehicle wrapping may seem cost-prohibitive to some businesses at first, many people agree that, when viewed holistically, it is a very successful form of advertising. Most car advertising wraps last up to 3 years, making the investment much more palatable. Some graphics shops also work with vehicle providers to allow small businesses to factor the wrap cost into the vehicles lease.

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