Car Graphics

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Over the last few years, using car graphics has quickly become one of the major forms of outdoor advertising. Recent advances in the design and application of graphics on vehicles, called vehicle wrapping, has reinforced the boom, causing a stir in the advertising and printing industries. Though initially considered suitable for large-scale advertising campaigns only, many smaller businesses are fast becoming convinced of the power of car graphics and vehicle wrapping.

The two traditional forms of vehicle-borne advertising are the familiar bus billboards and small vinyl stickers. Though both forms of advertising are still used heavily, vehicle wraps offer a few advantages that make many advertisers consider them more valuable than other forms of advertising. Vehicle wraps are also generally considered much more effective than static billboards or other forms of stationary signage as well.

The Pros of Wrapped Car Graphics

One of the main advantages of wrapped car graphics is that wrapping a car can use the form of the car as a visual element, enhancing the eye-catching appeal of the advertisement. For example, one of the most popular types of cars to wrap is the new VW Beetle, which offers a striking and hip silhouette that can catch the eye of many drivers and passengers. Jet Blue Airways and Dryers Ice Cream have both used Beetles as part of promotional campaigns.

Also, wraps are much more visible than traditional vinyl stickers, which may be small. Stickers also have limited placement options--usually, they must be affixed to a relatively flat portion of the car, such as the hood, the roof, or a door. Wraps, however, can take up large portions of the car, including the windows, while not endangering the driver or others by reducing visibility.

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