Car Stickers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In the last few years, many advertisers have begun to incorporate advances in printing and graphic technology to produce better advertising car stickers than ever before. The new type of stickers, often called digital wraps (or just wraps) are larger, more legible, more eye-catching, and offer designers and advertising agents more freedom in designing and presenting the ad. They often incorporate much of the actual vehicle in the ad, using the vehicles size and shape as factors that determine the format of the advertisement.

As late as the mid-90s, the best kind of car stickers that were available were relatively small, and riddled with limitations. For example, in many cases the stickers could only be applied to flat areas of the car or to the windows. They would often show the color of the car through the stickers, and the stickers may have had a short life span in certain areas of the country.

Vehicle wraps are basically car stickers for the entire vehicle. They are printed on large sheets of a thin, slightly elastic vinyl and applied with a heat-reactive adhesive. Starting from the rear of the vehicle, it is possible for installation companies to cover the whole vehicle in a cohesive advertisement, whether it is graphic in nature, textual, or some combination of the two.

Vinyl Car Stickers

Smaller vinyl car stickers are not wholly obsolete, however. For small businesses or business that are looking to label an entire fleet of cars, wrapping may not yet be a cost-effective technique. Also, wraps often require professional removal as well, meaning that they may not be suitable for many temporary applications.

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