Cheap Checks

Written by Courtney Salinas
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There are many options available to anyone looking for a bargain when buying checks. There are literally hundreds of retailers trying to sell you their checks. Between mail order offers, online retailers, and ordering straight from your bank, finding the check for your budget shouldn't be difficult.

Finding cheap checks doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. It is very easy to find novelty checks that are as cheap or cheaper than the standard checks that you order from your bank. Some companies that specialize in checks can offer cheaper checks because they are also the printer. That means there is just one mark up on your checks when you order them, as opposed to bank checks, which the printer and the bank both mark up.

When Cheap Is Too Cheap

Some checks, though, can be too cheap. Banks and retailers often have problems with checks printed on cheap paper jamming up their machines. Some check makers also will use inferior ink to cut down on costs, which can be difficult for the check processing machinery to read. Cheap checks can even make simple things like tearing the check out of your check book difficult, leaving you with checks ripped beyond usage and ruined.

Lots of companies offer sheets of checks that can be inserted into your laser printer and, with the proper software, you can have neatly printed checks straight from your desktop computer. Be sure to find out about the quality of the check paper you'll be receiving, though. A poor quality paper will often cause problems for retailers and banks.

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