Check Book Registers

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Most people don't think about their check book register. All they know is that you get a few when they order their checks. You can find different kinds of check registers, though, to fit different needs.

Kinds of Check Book Registers

One of the most irritating things about trying to record a purchase in your check book register is the small amount of space that is available for you to write in. Lots of companies offer check book registers in large print so that entering and reading your entries will be easier. You will have to carry an extra item around, though. Since the print is bigger, so is the check book register and it won't fit easily into the front of your chec kbook like standard registers.

If you're trying to find a check book register for your business, a wire-bound desk register will probably work well for you. These check book registers are about the size of a spiral bound notebook, so they're not very easily lost like the small registers that might come with your checks. The desk checkbook register has large spaces for you to fill in that give you all the space you need for any details on your purchases.

Budgeting software such as Peachtree, MS Money or Quicken can all act as a check book register. As long as you enter the correct amount, you can always be sure that your balance will be correct, which might not necessarily be true with your manual register. The problem with budgeting software, though, is that it isn't portable and you can't immediately record transactions when you're out making purchases.

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