Club Flyers

Written by Amy Hall
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Club flyers can showcase exactly what your nightclub is all about, and hopefully entice people to stop by for a night of fun. Furthermore, there is really no easier or more affordable way to get the word out to the community at large. You may be able to post flyers up in some public places, such as grocery stores, liquor stores, and pharmacies.

If not, you can save money on postage by hand-delivering your club flyers around town. You can put them in mailboxes, stick them under doors, or actually hand them to people passing by on the street. The goal is to make people aware of your club, and pique their interest enough to encourage their patronage. If you have some special incentives you could offer, you will only sweeten the deal and make it harder for people to decline your invitation.

For instance, if you have bands that play at your club, you may offer newcomers a no cover charge incentive to get them in the door. You may want to include photos of bands that play regularly on your club flyers. This will help your customers get an idea for what type of genre of music your club plays, which may also help you get people in the doors.

Advertise Smart with Club Flyers

Remember, flyer printing is relatively inexpensive, which means you do not have to break the bank trying to advertise your club. You don't even have to get in your car to order your flyers, as there are some fantastic online full color printing facilities that specialize in flyers, business cards, and door hangers. You may even be able to order multiple products at great cost savings. It's certainly worth finding out.

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