Collateral Printing

Written by Jen Nichol
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Collateral printing, digital libraries, and other business-related document needs can be successfully organized using digital technology companies. Gone are the days of manual document retrieval, lost or misplaced information, or unauthorized document access. Digital libraries and digital printing services allow for easy, web-based printing and document management capabilities.

Collateral printing is one business process that can be optimized by using the right technology. In the past, countless man hours and resources were used to track and print documents that would quickly become obsolete. With on-demand printing, there is never bulky excess or inefficiency in retrieving information.

Info on Collateral Printing

Marketing collateral, training documentation, and other business-related document needs can now be integrated into one well-ordered system. Everyone who needs a document, and has authorized access to it, can retrieve it, print it, or share the information with online work groups at the touch of a button. It used to be that businesses spent six percent to 15 percent of revenue on printing related expenses; now, every document need can be streamlined.

Collateral printing tends to be a company's most obvious printing expense. As such, there is often pressure to reduce the expense, and streamline the budget. Web-based digital printing capabilities allow for dramatically reduced expenses, while enjoying superior, professional-grade products.

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