Color Booklet Printing

Written by Tara Peris
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Color booklet printing is an exciting prospect for many companies looking to enhance business. Bright, vivid color captures attention like nothing else, and a booklet format allows a substantial amount of information to be conveyed efficiently. However, to make your booklets go the distance, you must pay careful attention to design and layout issues.

We all know that presentation is everything. However, all too often we dismiss this as cliched without stopping to appreciate how it pertains to the task at hand. When it comes to designing catalogs or booklets, the key is not just to determine what information will be presented, but how it will be conveyed.

Allot Time for Color Booklet Printing
If this seems easy, think again. First, it is always better to put less information on a page rather than more so that text is easy on the eyes. This requires careful editing so that only the most germane information is incorporated. Second, even when the text is whittled down to the core, you must think about the layout that presents it most effectively.

Of course all of this changes with color booklet printing because, more often than not, graphics are involved and you must integrate them with the text harmoniously. Your design team will begin this process, but an experienced printer can also offer very useful advice about which strategies work well and which are less effective. Allow ample time for planning and consultation and you are bound to be happier with your final document.

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