Color Printing

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Color printing has been around for a very long time, but new innovations have given the business a makeover. Today's color printing capitalizes on new technologies and techniques, such as digital lithographing. The best news is that color printing is more affordable than ever, costing a fraction of what it did even ten years ago.

Color printing is today is commonly handled using offset lithography. This process first coats a rubber drum with the color and water necessary to produce the image. Then the image is transferred to the offset drum. From the offset drum the image is transferred to the paper or other printable medium. This process makes it possible to transfer color photographs easily.

Offset Color Printing in Today's Catalogs

Today's catalogs are colorful affairs, with photographs used liberally to illustrate available products. This makes offset printing the method of choice, although digital lithographing is becoming more popular each year. This also makes catalog based businesses a great solution to their store based brethren. You can manufacture a 100 page catalog in a very short time, and the cost of such printing is inexpensive when compared to the costs of having to operate a physical outlet.

As the technology continues to develop, it will eventually overtake offset printing as the number one printing option, but that switch is still some time away. Offset printing equipment is the least expensive at this point. Manufacturers of digital printing services are trying to catch up, but this still takes time; so until the true digital revolution hits, your best bet is to stick with offset printing.

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