Commercial Printing

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Commercial, business printing is an important expenditure for any company. Catalogs, brochures and sales postcards are all a mainstay of the current commercial climate. These printing needs are easily met today with the availability of affordable options even small independent businesses can invest in.

Current Commercial Printing Trends

Today's printing options include the traditional offset lithography as well as digital options. Lithography continues to be the dominant force in color printing, although digital technology is beginning to rise as more and more printers offer it. Eventually it will replace offset lithography, but that change is still several years away.

Commercial printing is inexpensive when purchased in large bulk orders, which is more common than small scale printing. Ordering thousands of catalogs can actually end up less expensive than buying only a few hundred. This is also true of brochures. Buying more decreases the overall long term price by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

The design of your catalog can be handled by a publishing house devoted to graphic design house. They specialize in the setting and placement of images as well as text. Production of the most impressive catalogs is often attributed to outsourced work. The process of catalog production is easily one of the most time consuming there is, so trying to create your own catalog will require a lot of time that you could better spend selling the stuff in it!

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