Copy Centers

Written by Jen Nichol
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Copy centers used to sap a business of remarkable amounts of resources. The man hours needed to efficiently engage in document-related activities, such as printing and document retrieval, could take hours out of a staff member's workday. Now, printing, document control and retrieval, and work group collaboration can all be done online, in an instant.

The new, digital, off-site copy centers receive one's order as soon as it is sent. They then go into action to print, bind, and send the documents with an astonishing turnaround time. If a document is ordered by 10 p.m., some services can even guarantee next day delivery anywhere in the world, in any quantity needed.

Newer, Better Copy Centers

Why have a staff member engage in document-related tasks when there is the online technology and superior print services that can do it better, faster, and cheaper? We now have the digital tools to fully leverage our staff resources to contribute to company growth, rather than paper management. A good online site will be able to help anyone get the digital printing answers they need.

Copy centers that were on-site used to contribute to a lot of waste and redundancies. Businesses would have to store documents that were ordered in bulk to pursue savings, and the info would be obsolete before it could be used. The new digital document management tools allow businesses to get what they need, when they need it, with no waste or excess.

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