Corporate Universities

Written by Jen Nichol
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Corporate universities involve masses of information and paper. It behooves administrators to ensure that they are streamlining their document management approaches, so that they won't have extra, obsolete material taking up space. Also, in any learning environment, it's important to have materials that are crisp, clear, and professionally printed. Web-based printing offers these capabilities, all from a desktop.

Corporate universities offer a lot of training in the form of proprietary information and methods. With print-on-demand capabilities, a corporation can prevent intellectual property theft by not having to store reams of materials. Also, the ability to retrieve whatever documents are needed in the moment with the touch of a button allows ideas to flow and brainstorming sessions to get the documentation they need.

Print Documents for Corporate Universities

The most efficient aspect of digital printing and digital libraries is that everything is done right from one's desktop. There is no time lost in looking for physical documents, going to the printer, or making copy after copy. Corporate universities are remarkably focused and effective training grounds. It makes good business sense to ensure that the materials will be regarded with respect, and used as reference by the students.

Although we live in the electronic age, paper documents are still essential to nearly every business venture, including corporate universities. Photocopies simply do not produce quality documents, and there is every possibility that the original will be mishandled or lost. Digital libraries and on-demand print services are revolutionizing the way any venture handles its information.

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