Country Music Checks

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Country music has become an intrinsic part of American culture and continues to become more popular with every year. Today's country music has come to symbolize simpler times and laid back lifestyles. Country music's roots date back to Irish country music, which was a way to pass the time and pass on stories and folklore.

When Europeans came to America, they brought their music and their stories with them. Appalachian bluegrass was born and generations of stories and songs amassed in the South. Eventually bluegrass progressed to what we now know as country music. The faces are different, but the stories remain the same. You can celebrate your enthusiasm for country music with checks that feature some of your favorite country music artists.

Designer Checks and Your Bank

Your bank cannot refuse your check on the basis that it's a novelty check or that it doesn't look like the checks that they issue. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires that all check manufacturers follow a certain criteria in an effort to make check validation more standardized. This helps prevent check fraud and generally makes life easier for those trying to process checks.

ANSI standards dictate that the tracking information on the bottom of each check be printed in magnetic ink that enables check verification systems to better read and process the information. Coupled with a special font, the magnetic ink enables faster check processing and more accurate verification. As long as whatever checks you buy have these features, it doesn't matter what you have on your checks.

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