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Written by Laurie Nichol
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If you want to create invitation cards for a large event, think about volume discounts. Custom invitations, when ordered from a good discount printing service, can be surprisingly affordable. Instead of sacrificing originality by buying pre-made cards, you can have specially designed ones that come in under budget.

When you create invitation cards, let your imagination flow freely. Think about the purpose of these cards. They need to do more than just convey pertinent information about the event that you're promoting.

An effective invitation card or marketing flyer must immediately attract attention. It should stimulate the holder to further investigate, instead of merely discarding the card and eschewing the event. Full color digital printing, striking photos or designs, and professional layouts do the trick nicely.

Create Invitation Cards that Demand Attention!

To place an order for a real, professional job, be sure to only specify the best. Thick, glossy card stock, foil stamping, raised print-there are dozens of ways to customize your cards. Let a printing professional guide you through the process, if you need-there are many print shops with on-staff design experts.

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